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The Defender EVOLUTION key

The Defender EVOLUTION key

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Designed taking cues from the Land Rover design including the iconic headlights and using a boxy shape to give a strong utilitarian feel and weight.

The EVOLUTION key is exactly that, the EVOLUTION of the ICON key. A little less chunky, a little more intricate, but still just as stand out.
The key is the first thing you touch when you go to your vehicle, it brings it to life and starts the soul of the car. Having a key that reflects your vehicle and love for it is a special thing.


Made from 303 Stainless Steel and CNC machined to very high tolerances.

This key works only for pre-transponder vehicles or transponder separate from key.

Test the key in your ignition and door (if the same) prior to cutting to ensure fit.

Please ensure you use a competent reputable automotive locksmith key cutter, once cut we cannot accept returns. Avoid DIY stores, garden centres and cobblers. Due to the strength and quality of the stainless steel a carbide cutter is required. This is generally standard practice but worth checking. We only want the best for you and your beautifully crafted keys.

Please note all international shipments are subject to additional import tax and/or duties depending on your country’s rules & regulations. Shipping lengths may vary with international orders.

Keys are subject to wear and tear.

Other ICON Keys are available for Defenders.

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