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Transporter Front Skid Plate

Transporter Front Skid Plate

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The ultimate in protection for your Transporter, our skid plate is designed and egineered to be as strong as possible for the least amount of mass and weight forward of the front axle. This skid plate is so much more than just sump protection, our unique ribbed structure and mounting system provide unrivalled protection from approach and underside damage from beyond the front bumper to the rear of the subframe, it transfers the force of a strike through its entire length and is reinforced by a metal rib structure and mounted directly to the subframe. The plate uses the factory sump protection mounting holes alongside two clamps over the front of the subframe giving support to the approach protection eliment. In its sleek design we have incorpertated the ability to house a light bar giving the perfect mounting solution for addition driving, flood or fog light.

Construction: 3-6mm mild steelFinishes: Protected by a two stage powdercoat finish in a textured satin black.

Works With: Lazer Lamps Linear 6 (not included)Fits: T5, T5.1 & T6 all models without front lip soilers - may interfere with front park sensors if fitted.

Whats Included: Undertray, all mounting hardware in stanless steel, 2 subframe clamps.

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